Airline S7


The plane "S7", in preparation for the special flight, "lost" gold bars

At the airport "Domodedovo" the plane "lost" gold bars.

The planned flight of the S7 airline from Domodedovo to Spain had to be canceled. The reason for the delay in the flight is gold bullion, which struck the bottom of the plane.

When loading ingots of precious metal fell out and struck the bottom of the aircraft, as reported by the resource "". Because of this, passengers were asked to leave the places they occupied before departure. They were sent to Spain by another plane.

A similar incident occurred recently in Yakutia. There, during the take-off of the transport plane An-12, gold bars poured out of the cargo compartment, which "dotted" the runway and the area nearby to the airport. Residents of the nearest settlements went in search of gold, but by the time they arrived at the scene, the airport staff had already collected all the lost precious cargo.

And why does RUSSIA send gold to Spain? Or they decided to hide it there? Well, # $ # $ you give. It's good that the ingots fell out at the airport, and if over the taiga or over some settlement, # $ # $ # then you will find that local poor people would not give them to you and they would have done it right. Gold should be stored in Russia, and the government of thieves and # $ # $ # export gold to other countries, shame. Shoot them it is necessary ...