The aircraft Su-29


Su-29 crashed in the Leningrad Region

In the Lomonosov region, a training aircraft Su-29 made a hard landing, the Emergency Situations Ministry of the Russian Federation for the Leningrad Region reported.

An emergency incident occurred 20 May near the village of Lomakh.

“In 17: 25 20 in May 2018, there was information that in the Lomonosov district of the Leningrad region a light-engined two-seater made a hard landing,” - indicated on the website of the department.

At the scene, doctors, police, rescuers and three units of equipment are working. At the moment it is known that as a result of the hard landing of Su-29 one person was killed. His identity has not yet been established. The circumstances of the incident in the vicinity of the settlement of Lomakh are being clarified.