VIM-Avia Airline


The plane "VIM Avia" got into Komsomolsk for taking on board the "fellow travelers"

The plane "VIM Avia" instead of Moscow landed in Komsomolsk.

Landing airliner Russian airline has become quite unexpected for dozens of passengers on board, because the tickets were purchased exclusively on a direct flight from Blagoveshchensk to MoscowBut, as it turned out later, the airline decided to take on board additional passengers in view of what was produced in the air landing Komsomolsk harbor, and later the plane with the "fellow travelers" flew to Moscow.

As for the passengers of the domestic airline "VIM-Avia", they expressed strong outraged address of the company, stating that representatives flights shedule did no warning, and in fact, to provide its customers low-quality services, producing and flight delays, and deviating from the planned route.

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