Kazan Airport


The plane "Aero YUVT" urgently villages in Kazan

In Kazan airport made an emergency landing passenger plane airline "YUVT Aero».

Passenger aircraft made an emergency landing at Kazan airport due to problems encountered with the power plant - according Avia.pro news agency, appeared a problem with the left engine thrust reverser, however, clarified all the details at the moment are handled by experts.

It was learned that the passenger plane Bombardier CRJ-200 carried out regular flights from Bugulma to Moscow, however, in the course of the flight, the aircraft commander decided to make an emergency landing in Kazan, as a technical failure represented a definite threat.

The incident resulted in no man has suffered, as well as the aircraft itself has not received any damage.

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Plane CRJ200 airlines YUVT AERO really followed the flight Bugulma - Moscow October 11 2015 years. In the climb "on fire" alarm displays, indicating the possibility of a technical fault. The crew decided to land at the International Airport Kazan. Crew actions were correct. Flight safety for YUVT AERO first. A commission to investigate the incident, establishing the cause of the "signal".


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