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Aircraft "EasyJet" painted graffiti in Arabic

Graffiti in Arabic rattled the company management «EasyJet».

The information portal became aware that graffiti in Arabic appeared on several passenger airliners of the air carrier “EasyJet”, and, as staff of the British aircraft operator explained later, the inscriptions were made in the most “vulnerable” places, in particular, near with aircraft engines, fuel tanks, etc.

In connection with the unfolding events, the leadership of the British airline “EasyJet” appealed to the leadership of French airports with a demand to increase security measures, because, despite the high level of security after the terrorist attacks in Paris, the unknown people were able to penetrate the territory of the air harbors and paint the planes.

According to some reports, threats to the British air carrier may be related to the intention of the UK to join the bombing of the positions of IGIL from 1 December.

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