Airline krasava


Planes "krasava" will fly more often

The carrier "krasava" increases the number of its flights.

So, it was reported that due to the increase in passenger traffic for a number in routing of "KrasAvia" flights from Krasnoyarsk to Tura will be operated three times a week (previously the flights were carried out with a frequency of twice a week - approx. Ed.), Flights from Krasnoyarsk to Stories and Vanavary will be operated twice a week, instead of just one flight, as it was earlier. Among other things, it is assumed that the frequency of flights on a number of other air routes, however, at the moment, officially it has not been stated.

According to the expert editorial information and news agency, by increasing the number of flights made by the passenger, flights shedule "krasava" can greatly increase the key indicators of its activity.

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