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Airline krasava


Planes "KrasAvia" deliver passengers from Omsk to Nojabrxsk of 3,5 thousand. Rubles

Fly from Omsk to Noyabrsk can be of 3,5 thousand. Rubles.

Air traffic in this direction is planned to expand the shuttle since 7 May at the same time as it became known news agency, to carry out regular flights from Omsk to Noyabrsk and vice versa, will be the carrier "KrasAvia". Experts have not yet taken to draw any firm conclusions on the opening of the route direction, however, in the summer flights from Omsk to Noyabrsk can use quite popular, and given the fact that the cost of the tickets will be really low, loading aircraft It can be quite large.

Note that flights from Omsk to Noyabrsk will be made with a frequency of once a week, on Sundays.


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