Aircraft of Russia and China will destroy the US space army

Russia and China will oppose the US attempts to start a war in outer space.

Not long ago, US President Donald Trump announced his intention to create space troops, which, in fact, imply the appearance of US military satellites and various kinds of weapons capable of striking at various corners of the Earth, while remaining completely inaccessible to the enemy. Considering the fact that Trump is trying to militarize outer space, Russia and China can provide the US with serious opposition, in particular, the countries reserve the right to destroy any space military facilities that are a threat to national interests.

"To date, both Russia and China own missile aircraft capable of destroying spacecraft and satellites at an altitude of several hundred kilometers. If Trump really wants to bring his troops into space, all this can be a huge problem for the United States. The only option for the United States is the creation of troops in the likeness of the VKS, which will not disrupt the world balance, but it is clear that Trump wants to militarize the space ", - said the military specialist.

Among other things, the Outer Space Treaty signed by the United States of America in the 1967 year is still valid, and as soon as this country violates it, or decides to withdraw from the concluded agreement, other large countries will do the same, that is, Russia, China and India will leave the right, which will create enormous tension on the whole planet.

the only country currently possessing hypersonic weapons - this is Russia, and the secret troops you have it when you are in the sea battle on paper playing?

Silly evil pseudo patriots! They do not understand anything about the enemy's military equipment, but threaten to "pelted" the US! How and how can Russia and China oppose US attempts to start a war in outer space ??? Nothing at all! The US already has a secret space army. Now they want to partially declassify it, show the rebellious presidents of the poor countries that they are on the verge of death! The US has a secret few dozens of aerospace hypersonic radars invisible to the radars of the TR-3B type and its numerous modifications. These vehicles fly in space, around the ISS, to the Moon, Mars, etc. For a long time already fly. These vehicles without a penalty fly over the territory of Russia, there are dozens of video evidence. Our military does not see them, all super-rockets and super-planes can not catch up and can not shoot down these American vehicles. Americans are able to protect these devices from a laser, or beam EM weapons. These devices can knock down all our launched ICBMs in 150 seconds !!! The technologies that are used on these devices are invented in the USSR, but made in the USA. Why do not our military implement these technologies ???? Or believe in a UFO ??

Well, what about Russia for the missiles are. Again from the wood? States if they bang, then for both of them and for sure - there will be neither synczin nor utin

States will soon finish badly - Russia and China will take for a causal place and no one will get tired of it


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