Airline RusLine


Ruslan aircraft now fly from Kazan to Ekaterinburg

Airline "RusLine"Began to fly on the route Kazan - Yekaterinburg.

The first flight on a new route aviation direction took place on the eve of the day, July 20, moreover, according to data from the aviation resource, the passenger aircraft was loaded almost completely.

Flights on the new route Kazan-Yekaterinburg, air carrier "RusLine" will perform on passenger planes Bombardier CRJ 100 \ 200, Carrying out flights three times a week - on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, moreover, representatives of the airline are confident that the new route will enjoy a rather high popularity among passengers.

At the moment, it remains unknown whether the new flights will become regular, but according to the available information and according to the existing schedule, the air carrier will carry out flights between Kazan and Yekaterinburg until October of this year, later, the flights will either be removed before the start of the new season, or Regular, moreover, everything will depend on the direct passenger traffic.

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