British Air Force aircraft, hiding from the "Krasukha", entered the zone of destruction of the Syrian C-300

Britain decided to “get to know” the Syrian C-300.

Last Tuesday, two British military reconnaissance aircraft monitored the situation on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic. According to the portal Avia.pro, military aircraft were spotted south of Syria, flying in the airspace of Israel and Jordan, hitting the defeat zone of the Syrian anti-aircraft missile systems C-300.

What information was collected by British reconnaissance planes is still unknown, but experts believe that we are talking mainly about the locations of the Syrian S-300 “Favorite” air defense missile systems, since today these air defense systems are capable of providing security not only inside the air the space of Syria, but also shoot down enemy planes in the territory of neighboring states, including Lebanon, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Turkey and Cyprus.

According to the available information, being in the airspace of Israel and Jordan, British aircraft almost all the time were within the radius of destruction of the C-300 air defense system, which is located in the central part of Syria.

Specialists draw attention to the fact that the British Air Force moved away from the "classical" reconnaissance scheme, in particular, the monitoring of the territory of Syria was not carried out from the Mediterranean, but from the south. According to analysts, this may be due to the deployment of Russian electronic countermeasure systems in Syria.

"NATO reconnaissance aircraft has already fallen under the action of the Russian" Krasukha "off the coast of Cyprus, in connection with which the British Air Force decided not to risk their planes, especially since they had previously been warned that Russia would conduct electronic warfare using its most powerful EW equipment . It is not excluded that they were talking about a banal check of the southern part of the Arab Republic, however, the US Air Force from the territory of the same Iraq could also do this. ”, - the expert notes.

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