The most powerful Syrian fighters are seen in the bombing of militants

The Syrian military exposed their most powerful fighters against the militants.

Today it became known during the day that the most powerful and modern fighters in the arsenal of the Air Force of Syria were seen attacking terrorists. It's about the fighters of the fourth generation of MiG-29SM, which, although they were developed in 1996, are today pretty serious air opponents.

According to a source in Twitter, Syrian MiG-29SM fighters were spotted in air strikes against militant positions in the south-west of the Arab Republic, however, in photos of the Syrian Air Force, these aircraft are armed with R-77 air-to-air missiles, which may well mean that these aircraft are used by the Syrian military to protect the country's airspace, especially since a few days ago Israeli Air Force tried to attack the Syrian military airbase T-4.

It should be clarified that MiG-29 fighters can be equipped with X-29 missiles capable of delivering powerful air strikes against enemy fortifications and even drowning naval vessels with a displacement of up to 10000 tons (for comparison, the US destroyer Donald Cook has a displacement of 8915 tons - approx. Ed.), which is a rather big threat not only for militants, but also for the Western coalition.

I had in mind "including Iraqi pilots", not Syrian, as I indicated by inattention. I apologize for the mistake.

And what, in Iraq was our air base, as Hmeimim, and our military advisers, who trained Iraqi military, including Syrian pilots, how should we fight against Americans? And the military base of the Russian Navy, such as Syrian Tartus, was also in Iraq?

Well, Donald Cook, welcome to Syria!

Aircraft are, of course, powerful. But the planes are controlled by people. And whether the Syrian flyers (although, on 2, a photo of a Syrian of some "not very swarthy") will want to open fire on Amers or Israelis, even if such an order is received, this is a question. Iraq also had good fighters, but I did not hear about air battles during the US invasion of Iraq