Stratolaunch model 351


The largest aircraft in the world made the first flight. Video

The world's largest aircraft Stratolaunch model 351 made its first flight.

On the eve of the day the American aircraft Stratolaunch model 351, which is by far the largest aircraft on the planet, made its first flight. Giant aircraft Stratolaunch model 351, with a wingspan of 117 meters and a weight of about 227 tons, took off from the aerospace port in Mojave (California) and stayed in the flight a little more than 2,5 hours.

As can be seen in the presented frames, against the background of the aircraft accompanying him, the Stratolaunch model 351 looks like a real giant, however, despite its huge mass and incredibly large wingspan, the crew successfully landed the aircraft, proving that its operation was completely safe.

In the perspectives of the aircraft Stratolaunch model 351 is supposed to be used to launch spacecraft and spacecraft, at the same time, experts pay attention to the fact that the development of a giant aircraft took only 7 years (the development began in the 2011 year - Ed.) given the complexity of its design, is a very significant achievement.

It is interesting to know how much this bandura costs? It is clearly more expensive raw F-35.


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