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The length of the flight most of the world will appear in the calendar of "Emirates" in 2016 year

Airline "Emirates"I intend to launch the most of extended flight in the world.

Flights on the Dubai-Panama route will start from 1 February 2016, while passenger airliners will not make additional landings, and the flight itself between the two cities will be about 17 hours 35 minutes. It was assumed that flights on such an extended air route will be operated by passenger airliners. Airbus A380However representatives of the airline denied this information, saying that the flights will be carried out on aircraft Boeing 777-200 LR.

Avia.pro aviation resource, in turn, notes that today there are flights connecting Dubai and Panama, however, due to additional transfers, passengers have to spend 20 hours 40 minutes on this flight, which in turn affects the speed move.

Nevertheless, a number of experts believe that extended flights do not lead to safety at all, and therefore there is a fairly large risk of emergence of an emergency.

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