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US sanctions will leave the Russians without air travel

American sanctions will hit hard on the cost of air tickets in Russia.

Specialists predicted a sharp rise in the cost of air tickets during the next 6 months. This is due to various factors, but the key one is US sanctions, which will be introduced against Russia next week.

Against the backdrop of Washington's statement that new sanctions will be imposed on Russia, the ruble's exchange rate has fallen dramatically, and at the moment it is 66,5 - 67 rubles per US dollar, which in turn will require adjustments, and as a result, will lead to to the growth of prices for air transportation. Initially, experts predict an increase in the cost of air tickets for 5%, but by September this figure could grow to 10-12%. Given the possible introduction of new sanctions by December of this year, the price of air tickets may again rise, while analysts believe that by 2019 the average air ticket price in Russia will be about 15 thousand rubles, which is much higher than current prices.

Moreover, another negative factor is the increase in the VAT rate - the indicator in the amount of 20% will begin to operate from 2019 year, and this will lead to another increase in the prices for air tickets.

“If passengers are currently complaining about the unreasonable increase in air ticket prices, it’s hard to imagine what the civil aviation industry of the country expects by the 2019 year. Airlines either have to back down and reduce the cost of air tickets, or take a serious risk, including the exit of this sphere as well. ”, - said the analyst

Frank nonsense. The increase in the cost of tickets depends not on sanctions, but on the excessive greed of airline owners.