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US sanctions against Russia could hit European airlines

The airline "SAS" is concerned about the US sanctions against Russia.

Specialists of the Scandinavian airline "SAS" gave an assessment of the potential impact of US sanctions on the transportation of the Danish national team to the World Cup to be held in Russia in June-July 2018. The Danish football team must fly to the airport, which is owned by a company that is on the sanction list.

Eight Russian airports admitted to the delivery of teams of members of the mundialya-2018, belong to companies that were subjected to new sanctions from the US for the fact that the US government accused the Kremlin of "malicious actions" around the world.

Given the fact that the US authorities have the opportunity to take action against foreign companies that cooperate with companies that have fallen under sanctions, eight national football teams based near one of the “sanctioned” airports and air carriers that will transport them may face difficulties.

According to the Danish Football Union, the airline "SAS" should deliver the Danish team from Copenhagen to Anapa, where it will be based on the entire time of the championship.

The airport is controlled by Basel Aero. Its owner is the Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, who got into the new US sanctions list.

SAS told Reuters that it did not know about the problem that lies in the limitations of the US and promised to understand the situation.

It is very unlikely that US sanctions will prevent national teams from coming to the championship to Russia. They will be able to transfer the point of arrival to the nearest airport not affected by the sanctions, or to take advantage of the services of Russian carriers that are not so heavily exposed to sanctions risks.

The Polish soccer team, which will be based in Sochi for the time of the championship, ordered a charter flight from the Polish airline Lot with the arrival point to the Russian airport, which is also controlled by the Deripaska company. The airline said it was time to ask lawyers for advice on this issue.

"Basel Aero" did not answer questions from the Reuters agency about the possible impact of sanctions on the operation of its airports.

The company "Swiss International Air Lines" reported that it understands the existence of the problem and will analyze the current situation. The team from Switzerland will be located in Togliatti, near the airport of Samara, where the matches of the championship will also be held.

It remains to be seen whether the company will use the airport services affected by the sanctions, since neither she nor the leadership of the football team told about the route of the team.

The Russian holding of Airports of the Regions, a member of the Renova group - a conglomerate owned by oligarch Viktor Vekselberg, who is on the list of sanctions - manages airports located in the host cities of the world football championships - Samara, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Rostov-on-Don.