Is St. Petersburg threatened by a missile strike from Estonia?

Due to the supply of Western weapons, St. Petersburg is threatened by a blow from Estonia.

NATO countries are planning to deploy modern and long-range high-precision missile weapons in Estonia in order to target St. Petersburg. It is known that initially Estonia plans to adopt several batteries of American M-142 HIMARS systems. However, in addition to conventional guided munitions, Estonia will also receive ATACMS and PrSM tactical missiles, which will be able to target St. Petersburg. Planned deliveries and other weapons in order to thereby keep the second largest city in Russia in constant sight. Information on this subject was voiced by the Russian Ambassador.

“It is planned to put here the most modern types of conventional weapons that are capable of keeping St. Petersburg at gunpoint, and a medium-range anti-missile defense system is being created. You involuntarily ask yourself: who is Estonia planning to fight with?- said Russian Ambassador Vladimir Lipaev.

Among other things, a serious danger may come from Finland, which, due to its proximity to St. Petersburg, will also be pumped up with Western weapons.

Some time ago, there was information that Estonia may try to block the Gulf of Finland for Russian ships.


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