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Saudi Arabia wants to protect Russia, not the US

Trump's bold behavior will weaken the US position in the Middle East.

One of the once best political and military partners of the United States, and we are talking about Saudi Arabia, now runs the risk of falling under serious sanctions from the United States of America. This is due to the cooling of political relations between the two countries, as well as Trump's loud statement about the murder of journalist Jamal Hashukji. According to analysts, this will cause a serious confrontation between the two countries, but the worst thing for Washington is the presence of American bases and military in this country will be replaced by the appearance of Russian military bases.

According to reports, Saudi Arabia intends to deal a serious blow to the US economy, raising the cost of oil to 200 dollars per barrel, followed by a transition to calculations in the Chinese currency. Moreover, the United States of America can almost immediately lose its military bases in Saudi Arabia, while Russia will take the place of the American military, which will be a serious political and military strike for the United States.

“Trump risks losing strength in the Middle East. Moreover, the bases previously established by the US military in this country may become Russian at all, since Russia may well provide protection for this state. This will be the strongest blow to the US national interests, while Russia will have a unique chance to take control of the entire Middle East. ”, - the expert marks.

It will be necessary to change dollars for the Chinese currency.

In fact, we do not need them at all. Firstly, it is dangerous to deal with inadequate affairs, secondly they are in conflict with Syria, it’s not enough for us to mediate between Israel and Syria, for sure we don’t need Saudis, thirdly, we can be business partners, but we don’t need to build military bases, especially our PMCs in Eman, we can sell them weapons, let them build themselves.

The article itself is clearly noticeable Anglo-American template. Take control. That they need to control everything. Russia has completely different goals. Friendly coexistence and development. For this control is not needed. That is why they cannot pressure us effectively. Because pressure can only be understood and foreseeing. But with this, they are full of seams.

And they make the right choice by choosing us.