The ABM system


Saudi Arabia bought the "leaky" Israeli missile defense system

Saudi Arabia decided to purchase not S-400 "Triumph", and inefficient Israeli "Iron Dome".

Despite the fact that the Saudi Arabian authorities approached seriously the issue of negotiating with Russia for the purchase of the C-400 Triumph air defense system (the talks themselves were not conducted), this country decided to make its choice in favor of the Israeli " The Iron Dome. "

Initially, the Israeli side was categorically opposed to the sale of Saudi Arabia's complexes, which provided protection against combat aircraft and ballistic missiles, but after the United States gave certain guarantees, Israel agreed to such a deal. According to analysts, such a step will be the strongest blow to the defense capability of Saudi Arabia.

"There is no example of when the Israeli system" Iron Dome "did not work on the missiles launched on Israel. Given the fact that Saudi Arabia is counting on quite frequent missile strikes, it can be assumed that this could be a fatal blow to the authorities of this country, "not to mention the repulsing of rapid and massive strikes that the Iron Dome is not likely to cope with at all", - said a specialist

C-400 has so far distinguished itself only in ostentatious polygon firing, in which the azimuth, height and time of the goal are known beforehand. Russia has nothing to do but spit on shit.

The author of the article is a great expert in missile defense. In Israel, every child knows that C-400 and the iron dome are designed for different purposes and the comparison is not correct. This is the same as comparing a Boeing and a bicycle, and both transport and vehicle

Correctly!! Hit (well, I'm in Israel), the complex of C-400 mortar shells

They can fire short-range missiles from Yemen or Iraq

The author of the article is a leaky one.
The iron dome is designed to intercept short-range missiles. And here is your unnecessary rubber C-400?

And I'm not special. I myself stood under the missiles, which knocked down the "iron dome". The statement that the "dome" knocks down a small part of the missiles released is based on the fact that only those missiles that fly into the protected area are knocked over. What does not fly, or fly - does not get lost: let it fall on an empty area.

Apparently the editorial team hired a steep special analyst, Maksim SHEVCHENKO!

The toad certainly pushes. "Nemyrivny" triumph, which was never used in combat conditions - it's handsome. The truth of the last century.

Unfortunately, no dome, even iron, Allah does not pereshibesh. Realizing this, Russians should not gloat or envy.

Experience is the son of difficult mistakes. Whether envy or whether the author's anger forces us to make unreasonable conclusions, we ourselves witness how the "Iron Dome" works. ERRORS WERE BUT ON THE RELATIONSHIP TO SHINING WORK DOME-MASER! I AM INTERESTING HOW WILL C-400 SAY A ROY OF SMALL TACTICAL SMALL ROCKET SLOWS, MINIMETARIES, THIS SYSTEM IS INTENDED FOR MORE MAJOR OBJECTIVES!

Yeah, a specialist who compares two completely different systems for completely different tasks is very doubtful. It's like comparing a tractor and a racing car. It seems that both the internal combustion engine only has different tasks

The iron dome is excellent. The efficiency is very high.
Any assholes believe so-for Israel released 300 missiles, the Dome shot down-90. Therefore, it is "leaky". But the Dome knocks down only those missiles that can cause serious damage to the residential areas or important infrastructure centers. When calculating the trajectories of missiles, it does not knock down those that for example fall into the sea or on a desert terrain. And so it should be counted so 50 from 49 missiles flying on a dangerous trajectory shot down XNUMX for example.
And I think the Saudis are not stupid and will never buy shit. Under no persuasions and guarantees. Not those people.

If only what nonsense to write. Still, the "Iron Dome" with C500 compared. "LCD" is a system of short-range damage, and C400 has to date an unlimited range. And according to this stupid article it turns out that, like, instead of a gun, they bought a rifle because it is more effective ...

Lying would not be necessary. The iron dome perfectly copes with its tasks. However, what for he to Arabs? It is not designed to protect against the means of combat aviation, and from cruise missiles, too.

these pipets what special weapons,
no system in the world does not give 100 percent.