Saudi Arabia admits destroying Iranian missiles fired at Israel

With tensions escalating in the Middle East, several Arab states with traditional hostility toward Israel have supported it in repelling Iranian missile and drone attacks. Notable among them are Saudi Arabia and Jordan, which have taken an active part in the regional military coalition along with Israel, the United States, Great Britain and France.

According to the Israeli channel KAN News, Riyadh not only confirmed the fact of providing assistance, but also took a direct part in countering Iranian armed influence. In particular, Saudi air defense forces shot down Iranian drones and missiles flying through the kingdom. The effectiveness of Saudi air defense systems made it possible to significantly weaken the strike potential of the attack and minimize possible threats to Israel.

Saudi Arabia's actions are motivated, among other things, by the desire to prevent further escalation of the conflict and support peace initiatives in the region. According to experts, Tehran could provoke Hamas attacks on Israel in order to disrupt the process of normalization of relations between Saudi Arabia and the United States, as well as complicate the improvement of ties between Israel and Arab countries.


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