Bakhmut came under heavy bombardment tonight

Video footage of the most powerful bombardment of Bakhmut has been published.

Tonight, the territory of Bakhmut and its environs were under heavy bombardment. The strikes, judging by the video footage, were delivered using cannon artillery and MLRS. In total, at least 60 explosions thundered on the territory of Bakhmut and its environs.

On the video frames, you can see multiple breaks near Bakhmut. Flashes and sounds of explosions could be seen from a great distance, while on the video frames one can see that the blows are applied with a very high frequency. This probably indicates strikes with the use of MLRS of an unidentified type. A little later, the bombing of Bakhmut continued, but with the use of another type of ammunition - judging by the video footage, we are talking about the use of cluster munitions for remote detonation, as evidenced by multiple explosions several hundred meters above the ground.

At the moment, the Ukrainian army controls almost the entire territory of Bakhmut. The only exception is the eastern part of the city, where Russian units and units of Wagner PMC are already located.


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