10 ATACMS missiles shot down over Crimea tonight

On the night of May 15, the air defense forces of the Russian Federation stopped several attempts by the Kyiv regime to carry out terrorist attacks using various types of weapons. The attacks were aimed at targets in Russia, including the use of American ATACMS tactical missiles, French Hammer guided bombs, American HARM anti-radar missiles, large-caliber missiles and aircraft-style unmanned aerial vehicles.

According to a statement by the Russian Ministry of Defense, ten ATACMS operational-tactical missiles were destroyed by air defense systems on duty over the territory of the Crimean Peninsula. In the Belgorod region, two HARM anti-radar missiles, two Hammer guided bombs, two Vilkha MLRS rockets and nine unmanned aerial vehicles were intercepted. In the Kursk region, air defense systems destroyed five drones, and three drones were intercepted over the territory of the Bryansk region.

The effective actions of Russian air defense systems prevented destruction and possible civilian casualties. The Russian Ministry of Defense continues to monitor the airspace and is ready to promptly respond to any threats.


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