Secret combat aircraft with an unusual emblem seen over the US

Secret American aircraft with an unusual emblem issued plans for the United States.

One of the most secret American "stealth" aircraft was again seen over Southern California, but with a very unusual emblem that gives the Pentagon plans to use these combat aircraft. We are talking about the F-117, whose appearance over Southern California was not the first since the beginning of this year, and an unusual emblem, according to analysts, gives the Pentagon plans - these aircraft can still be in the service of the US Air Force, performing secret missions, or are used to create the latest "stealth" bomber.

In the presented photograph, you can clearly see the logo “Dark Knights” (“Dark Knights” - orig.), At the same time, it is known that this name is 338-i training squadron of the US Air Force, however, for training tasks, these “stealth” aircraft at least do not fit. Moreover, experts pay attention to the fact. that the F-117 program is still classified, and the use of these planes was also seen by pilots of the 9 th Fighter Squadron, which may indicate the Pentagon’s attempts to divert attention from these planes, which, by the way, took part in applying attacks on the territory of Syria and tried to collect information about the Russian C-400, approaching them at the minimum possible distance.

According to analysts, the facts presented may indicate that the decommissioned F-117 are still in service, as today it is one of the most subtle strike aircraft in history.

Of course, the "force of good" is, of course, the United States. And we are the "evil empire"

What does the Jewish mythology? The weapon is neither good nor bad - it all depends on who uses it. It’s not a fact that Putin represents some kind of “good power”, rather, on the contrary.

"Dark Knights". Very symbolic. And our "Drying" Angels of Light. We are for God and Light. They are for the devil and darkness. Although it is already well known for a long time.

These liars can not be trusted.
This photo reminds me of automakers who allegedly accidentally miss new versions of new cars in the Internet.

A squadron of Alexander Nevsky fighters will appear in Russia. What ended his meeting with the knights on Lake Peipsi is well known to all.

as it is a little-known ... we know it from Yugoslavia, from Iran, in Syria it lit up ... just amers want to lose another couple of other such toys ....