MANPADS Mistral 3


Serbia criticized Russian MANPADS and bought French Mistral 3

Serbia did not buy Russian MANPADS.

Despite the rather active military cooperation of Serbia with Russia, the authorities of this country criticized Russian man-portable air defense systems, stressing their low efficiency, with the result that it was decided to acquire the French Mistral 3.

According to the information provided, in the framework of the contract concluded between Serbia and France, the latter undertakes to deliver 18 launchers and 50 anti-aircraft missiles to them in Serbia. The total amount of the contract is not specified, however, experts are already paying attention to the fact that French man-portable air defense systems are experiencing low efficiency, since the effective range of aerial targets in height is only 3 kilometers.

Analysts do not exclude that the conclusion of a contract for the purchase of French Mistral 3 MANPADS is associated with pressure from Europe, but this fact was not officially confirmed in Serbia.

It should be clarified that Serbia remains one of the few European countries that continues to actively use Soviet and Russian weapons.