Certificate FAA got Learjet 75.


Certificate FAA got Learjet 75.

23 November 2013. Bombardier Aerospace (Canadian manufacturer) reported that the ship Learjet 75 received the FAA certificate (Federal Aviation Administration).

In this type of aircraft upgraded interior, the cabin crew will be delivered and powerful engines. The cost of each aircraft is updated $ 11,1 million. The flight range of about 2000 miles.

In the management of the Learjet division, it is believed that the new engines and avionics of Bombardier Vision have made Learjet 75 leaders along with the rest of the aircraft.

For clarity, the company has updated one aircraft of this type, which was first demonstrated to customers - Louis Beck (owner of Speedbird LCC) and the Canadian operator LAS (London Air Services).

In addition, Bombardier expects to receive a certificate for a vessel of the same family - Learjet 70.