Downed aircraft


Shoigu: now Israeli planes will shoot down S-300

Shoigu announced the supply of S-300 complexes to the Syrian military.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu made a statement in which he stressed that against the backdrop of the established involvement of Israel in the destruction of a Russian aircraft off the coast of the Syrian Arab Republic, adequate measures will be taken to ensure the safety of the Syrian and Russian military, which will be achieved by transferring to Syria the SAM C-300 and radio-electronic suppression of satellite communications over the Mediterranean Sea.

According to Sergei Shoigu, the delivery of S-300 to Syria will be made within the next two weeks, and although the head of the Russian Defense Ministry did not specify how many complexes there are, analysts believe that we are talking about one division (12 mobile launchers - Ed.).

Complexes of C-300 can completely cover the entire airspace over Syria, ie, in fact, being located near Tartous, they will be able to hit enemy aircraft from the southern coast of Turkey, to Cyprus and Israeli Haifa, and located in the vicinity of Damascus, to destroy Israeli planes over Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

In Israel itself, such measures have not yet reacted, but analysts believe that this will be a serious blow to the national interests of this country, since now Syria will be able to control the vast airspace, knocking down targets even in the airspace of other states.

The Israeli If this is true then what you are talking about, then there is a high probability that many residents of Tel Aviv simply do not wake up.

tomorrow we will wake up, and in Tel Aviv, the schehegists at dusk with 300 hold a referendum on the joining of the falasteon to the rashka.

All not so guys ... С-300 is a complicated technique We in Syria do not fight against Israel, but the Syrians have the right to defend themselves from fighters of the Israeli Air Force. I will not be surprised that soon the Syrian Air Force will give Su-30, or SU-35 and announce that we have taught the pilots of the Syrian Air Force to manage these types. The trick is that we hint to our "partners" about the legalization of the use of modern means to counter the Air Force's "partners." Only now is the management of these vehicles as in Vietnam possible as in that song. The flyers and missiles "Li Xi Qing." Well, how such an option ??

It was necessary to give the Syrians a complex of S-400. To ensure that Russian planes were already knocked down!

Yes, no one will be able to shoot down anything, although with 600 there are deployed. Cowardice multiplied by demagogy, that's all that our generals can counter the sworn partners