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The navigator service of the Air Force turns 103 of the year

The navigator service of the Russian Air Force turned 103 year

Since its inception in the air force of the navigator service, 103 of the year has passed. People of this specialty serve in crews in officer positions. They are at their combat posts in the crews of the aircraft: Tu-160, Tu-95MS Tu-22М3, military transport aviation An-124, Il-76, An-12,, An-26, An-72, An-148, A-50, Tu-214, operational-tactical aviation Su-34, Su-24М, MiG-31BM, Su-30СМ, naval aviation Tu-142, Il-38. Helicopter service and helicopter: Ka-52, Mi-28H, Mi-35M, Mi-8, Mi-26 and many other aircraft.

The position of the navigator in military aviation is due to the fact that the aircraft systems currently being commissioned are multifunctional. They can use various means of destruction. Each aircraft and helicopter is an independent combat unit having an automated control system capable of receiving and distributing incoming combat missions in flight.

This quality of aircraft increases the role of the navigator. It uses a multifunctional indicator, carrying out the preparation and programming of the complex, which provides aiming. The navigator solves the problem of multi-level interaction, distributes goals in a group, ensures synchronism in collective actions. In the future, as Colonel Anatoly Minyaylo, Chief Air Navigator of the Chief Command of the Air and Space Forces, is sure, the role of the navigator will not only be maintained, but will also increase.

Now the navigators are being trained by the Chelyabinsk branch of the N.Ye.Zhukovsky and Yu.A.Gagarin Air Force Academy. The Academy continues the traditions of the Chelyabinsk Higher Military Aviation School for Navigators. Two faculties train navigators of the flight profession and officers of the combat control aviation. Training of cadets is conducted on training and transport aircraft Tu-134Sh and An-26Sh.