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Sweden has announced its readiness to consider sending its troops to Ukraine

Swedish Defense Minister Paul Johnson said that Sweden currently has no plans to send its military personnel to Ukraine, but is ready to consider this issue if a similar proposal is discussed by other countries. This was reported by the online publication Breaking Defense, quoting the words of the minister.

“As far as I understand, there was no consensus on this issue [among the countries attending the Paris meeting in February]. Here and now we do not have a concrete proposal in this regard. If it appears, we will consider it.", said Jonson.

The minister's statement came against the backdrop of ongoing discussions about sending foreign military personnel to Ukraine. The meeting in Paris that Jonson mentioned brought together representatives from various countries to discuss military assistance to Ukraine, but no consensus was reached on the issue of sending military personnel.

Sweden, like many other Western countries, provides significant military assistance to Ukraine, providing equipment, training and financial support. However, the question of sending Swedish soldiers directly remains open.


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