Solar Plane


Swiss aircraft designers presented the plane on solar cells

10 April. Swiss aircraft designers presented to the whole world a new creation in the world of aviation - a solar-powered aircraft.

The plane, of course, is not a major breakthrough, since in the 2000 year, the Swiss had already been doing similar developments, but the difference is that the first model was able to stay in the air for only 75 minutes, while the novelty is capable of making 6 sentries air travel

Of great interest is that the mass of the aircraft on solar batteries is 2300 kilogram, which, in fact, is equal to 1 percentage of the mass of the giant Airbus A380, however, if we continue to work in the same vein, We will be able to see a full-fledged airliner, powered exclusively by solar energy

It should also be noted that in a year, Solar Impulse aircraft improved version should go on a trip around the world, aircraft designers and link this event with a great breakthrough.

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