Complex C-300


Syria: we will buy analogues of C-300 in other countries

Syria has declared its readiness to buy foreign analogues of the S-300 complexes.

After Russia officially declared its intention to supply its C-300 anti-aircraft missile systems to Syria, in fact, leaving this country without effective air defense means, the authorities of the Syrian Arab Republic decided to look for suppliers of analogues of Russian complexes, among other states.

"Russia has done a lot for our country, but due to" flirting "with Israel, our airspace can not be adequately protected, and we are forced to apply for the purchase of military equipment to other countries", - follows from the statement.

Experts believe that among the main partners of Syria may be China, North Korea and Iran, which have on their armament similar models of air defense systems, capable of destroying airplanes that violate the airspace of the Arab Republic.

The reasons why Russia suddenly refused to supply S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems to Syria are unknown, but independent analysts said that it was done after Israel's direct threats to destroy these complexes, or after the visit of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Moscow.

Today, Syria is armed with obsolete anti-aircraft systems and air defense systems of the Soviet type, in particular, we are talking about the C-75, C-125, C-200 and Buk-M air defense missile systems, which cannot effectively carry out tasks related to ensuring the security of the airspace of the Syrian Arab Republic.

* C-300 - a family of anti-aircraft missile systems (SAMs) capable of hitting various targets at altitudes: from smaller than the possible altitude of flight, to higher than the ceiling height for purposes; at ranges: from a few kilometers to 75-200 kilometers, depending on the type of elements used in the C-300 family and, in particular, interceptor missiles.

Well, you could have saved, you just bought a missile and everyone - tomahawks intercept, what else do the Syrians need?

If Syria buys these complexes, will Israel continue to chop it?

Well, in fact? Why play with the Jews? Set Syria complexes, especially since it is ready to buy them, and not to accept as a gift. Or again mnogochodovochka?