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Syria: huge reinforcement will help us smash the opposition

In the vicinity of the city of Basr al-Harir, located in the eastern part of the province of Daraa, a huge reinforcement of the Assad military forces escorted by the Russian police arrived from Essaweida.

On Monday, 18 June, the news agency Suweida 24 received a video recording of the arrival of tanks, guns, military vehicles and large military trucks.

Sources say that the military potential is shifted north and northwest of the province of Essaouide, as well as in the areas of Basra al-Harir and Lajat, which is in its west. The movement of troops is supported by military vehicles of the Russian police.

In case of failure in the negotiations, the Assad forces are likely to launch an offensive on the south on three fronts. The first is in the direction of the city of Al-Khar and its environs, the second is from the environs of Der'a to the Nasib crossing, the third in the city of Basr al-Harir, after gaining control over it, it will be possible to completely isolate the Lajat region in the province of Der'a.

According to the Russian news agency ANNA News, the reinforcements are made up of huge columns of military equipment, including approximately 50 tanks and 30 152-mm howitzers MSTA-B. The photographs published by him show how these columns arrive in Daraa, preparing for a large-scale military operation. In the comments under the photo it appears that a major attack in the south of the country was announced a month ago. The details of the operation were not indicated, citing their confidentiality.

The city of Basr al-Harir in the eastern part of the province of Dera is one of the “secret” goals - as many opposition groups fail to guess. Assad troops can use this to occupy the city.

The forces of Assad are on the way to the city of Essaouida and less than 7 km from the Syrian army’s position in the city of Izra.

Taking control of the city of Basra al-Harir will allow the government forces to link it to the city of Izra, which completely isolates the Lajat region from other liberated areas.

If this happens, the forces of Assad will not attack immediately, but will allow the enemy to surrender without a fight.

The Lanjat region is famous for its rocky landscapes, which are quite suitable for opposition groups for fighting for months.

Based on Enab Baladi, Syria

Who would help us with our "opposition"?

A little more, a little bit more.
Although you can not get used to the scale of local battles in any way. I read recently that the Russian military air force and the Syrian Air Force prevented the transfer of militant forces and the seizure of Palmyra. And from the text we learn that Russian and Syrian aviation destroyed one car, killed 5 militants, and the rest of the fighters scattered through the desert. Is it really necessary to stop this "powerful fist" of terrorists targeting Palmyra? Yes there one helicopter could thoughtfully not one such "fist" dispel.

The Syrian army is simply obliged to finish what is called the "opposition" in the West. The opposition is when in parliament, and when with the weapon in hands ... Ask any western president how they would react to the fact that their opposition took up arms? Anyone will respond to you: destroy. And that's all.