Syria defense


Syria has alarmed air defense weapons due to the appearance of Israeli fighters

Syrian air defense weapons led to full combat readiness, because of the flights of Israeli fighters.

Tonight, near the Syrian border, Israeli F-16i fighters were seen approaching the borders of the SAR at a distance of 25 kilometers. Against this background, Syrian air defenses were alerted and brought to full alert in order to repel Israeli air strikes. However, having stayed for about one and a half hours near the Syrian borders, Israeli fighters did not attack the territory of the SAR, and returned to military air bases in Israel.

According to some information, we are talking about four F-16i fighters, which, according to preliminary estimates, could really be ready to attack Syria, but because of bringing Syrian air defense to combat readiness, there was a risk that fighters could be shot down In this connection, the operation for air strikes had to be canceled.

Specialists draw attention to the fact that despite the completion of the Israeli operation on the border with Lebanon, Israeli Air Force combat aircraft continue to continue unauthorized flights, violating the airspace of neighboring Lebanon.