US Air Force


Syria has shamed the strongest air force on the planet

Little Syria disgraced the strongest air force of the planet.

Given the estimates of military analysts, the military potential of the United States is one of the most powerful on the planet, and the military potential of Britain and France occupies 5 and 6 places in the world ranking, however, despite this fact, Syria, whose position is determined by the 46 line of the world rating, that even she is able to withstand the American, British and French Air Force.

“The Syrian military deserve real praise, because even using old, still Soviet air defense systems, they were able to intimidate the strongest on the Air Force planet, simply not letting them into their airspace. This, of course, is about defensive tactics, however, even in this case, the destruction of 71 from 103 launched cruise missiles, as well as full protection of the airspace, this Arab Republic confounded both the United States, Britain and France. ”, - follows from the statement of the military expert.

It should be clarified that the air defense systems that are in service with Syria are already morally outdated, in particular, the same complex C-125, was created in 1961; complex C-200, was created in 1967 year; The Kvadrat SAM was created in 1965 year, etc., however, despite this fact, modern 5-generation aircraft, which are in the US arsenal, failed to penetrate Syria's airspace.

"Of course, Syria conducts defensive tactics, however, despite this fact, the US Air Force, Great Britain and France are disgraced so that the leaders of these countries do not speak", - the analysts state.

Comments are written by some strategists. And where Shoigu with his generals. He would have won all of you long ago.

And our guys died there heroically, are they also a cartoon? Or maybe it's you cartoon?

(: an interesting opinion ..., "just a deaf defense" Yes, you probably a great expert ... :) By the way: sink or knock down can be much easier (of course, if there is a weapon for these purposes), at least, the goal should be in zone of reach. But there is a "BUT"; knocked down, sunk, and then what? The war is already on a large scale? .. Who can hold the blow of that much more likely to win.

My friends! No raid was there !! This is all cartoons. Putin showed a cartoon and Trump showed a cartoon, and Eun already in cartoons has long been destroying US aircraft carriers and strategic bombers.
Do not you know that there is no reality ?! This is all cartoons! Clasps, spirituality, the Russian world is all a series of one cartoon. So relax, stock up on popcorn and enjoy.

If the planes were shot down or the ship was sunk then, and just a blank defense, nothing surprising