Syria against Turkey: in response to Erdogan’s attack, Assad destroys military bases in Turkey with the help of the Tochka OTRK

Syria can arrange an unforgettable war for Erdogan in case of the slightest aggression.

Erdogan’s harsh statements about his readiness to unleash a full-scale war in Syria could turn out to be a thousandth loss for Ankara in just a few minutes. The Syrian Air Force is still unable to confront Turkey, but Damascus has dozens of tactical missiles that can hit the largest Turkish military bases, which in a few minutes will lead to thousands of casualties in the ranks of the Turkish army.

According to an analysis of specialists, the Tochka operational-tactical missile systems that are in Syria’s armament, despite their age, can hit Turkish military bases in 35% of Turkey. Turkey will not be able to repel a missile strike, since the country's armaments lack modern air defense / missile defense systems - even the Russian S-400s previously delivered to Turkey have not yet been adopted.

“It is logical to assume that Damascus has already taken the largest Turkish military bases, including the Turkish air force, into the scope. "Only a few tactical missiles can easily destroy up to 20% of the Turkish Air Force in just one wave of strikes and cause thousands of casualties in the ranks of the Turkish army.", - the expert marks.

Analysts, in turn, believe that a large-scale military conflict between Turkey and Syria can still be avoided, because without the support of aviation, the Turkish military will simply become targets for the Syrian artillery and the air forces of the Arab Republic.

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