Strategic bomber


Syria decided not to shoot down an American strategic bomber

Syria could deprive the United States of a strategic bomber.

On the eve of the day it became known that US Air Force strategic bomber Rockwell B-1 Lancer violated the airspace of Syria, and struck cruise missiles in the vicinity of the Syrian city of Hadjin. The bombed areas were occupied by the terrorists of the Islamic State (ISIS, a terrorist group banned in the Russian Federation - ed.), But the strategic bomber itself was in the airspace controlled by Syrian government troops, which could have resulted in its destruction.

Earlier it became known that Russia combined its air defense and missile defense systems, EW complexes and radar equipment with the Syrian air defense system, which allows you to quickly receive and process data on any air targets in Syrian airspace. Given the fact that the American bomber was flying over the territory under the control of the government forces of Syria, and at a relatively low altitude, it could well have been hit by anti-aircraft defense.

Nevertheless, given the fact that even the launch of cruise missiles did not affect the lack of measures by the Syrian military, analysts believe that the United States could have warned the Syrian military about the coming attacks on ISIL terrorists.

Or maybe they simply could not, they didn’t have enough power, and therefore they usually justify

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Why not become? It's probably time to punish.

And in vain. That's why the United States and they do what they want.

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The Sanhedrin did not allow the VSRF to shoot down this aircraft. And it will never end until he, the Sanhedrin, orders an order to withdraw the Russian troops from Syria, for some service in Ukraine ...

"Syria could deprive the United States of a strategic bomber." I wonder how she could, if Assad there does not solve anything?

There is another proverb - He laughs well who laughs without consequences.
For Russia, the consequences will not be exact. We will be funny.

It is just the opposite. Only force they understand. Porurat course for decency and shut up.

the more the better, then there will be nothing left of this NATO group either

Well, there is such a saying or saying “He who laughs last is a good laugh”! In the meantime, you can laugh!))) Just look out of laughter, do not crap!)))

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when they really want amers to leave Syria-shot down.

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Wagnerovans became a victim of the conflict Shoigu with the so-called cook Putin Prigogine

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A large NATO group of ships with missile armaments at the Syrian coasts will not be surprised if our defense minister himself explained to the Syrians what would happen if at least one American plane was shot down by air force or by Syrian air defense systems, after the NATO strike there would be no wx from the wx.

The task is not to knock, but to have such an opportunity !!! Do not unleash a war, but the very thought of invading enemies to kill.

Point-s ... gentlemen Point-s press-press ... Unlike us, pendoy can punish both of them and others ... remember Vagnerovtsy .... but We didn’t know Everything ... What I mean then. ..

They did not shoot down because the amers struck at the positions of ISIS, and not according to the positions of the government forces. Read carefully and draw the right conclusions, strategists sofa.

Therefore, they did not shoot down. Our military only blah, blah, and blah and then weep that they themselves are destroyed by the Israelis tezhe tezhe on command from the United States.

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Well, why not hit it? We had to destroy it and spit on them when our destroy it what is ???? There is no Stalin, therefore, such crap, and Shoigu is weak to answer for his pride.

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Shoigu, after the amers bombing, will express concern, and say that they will put a new wunder wolf in Syria. Why are the generals so stupid? Would offer Syria to shoot down everything that moves, and then only in words - calibers, daggers and Iskander

It would be better if we zhahnuli, we have nothing to lose

Syria is well done, we shouldn’t apply a sanction to us even more, so we live hungry.