Syria: the military destroyed four Turkish armored personnel carriers - even the armor melted. Video

Turkey is rapidly losing armored personnel carriers delivered to Syria - the Syrian troops simply burn them.

Against the background of how the Syrian army took up defensive defenses on the fronts in Idlib and Aleppo, pro-Turkish terrorists, who, by the way, are members of terrorist groups banned in Russia, quickly suffer losses. Only in the last day of more than 80 ACV-15 armored personnel carriers, Syrian troops destroyed 4 units of this armored vehicle, and this is only in front-line areas.

On the presented video frames you can see how the Turkish ACV-15, which was new a few days ago, burned down along with the terrorists who were in it, and although the author of the video does not disclose details of how the Turkish armored personnel carriers were destroyed, there is evidence that the area TOS-1 heavy flamethrower systems worked, which, incidentally, is also reminiscent of damage to equipment that was completely burned.

According to some reports, in the last week alone, terrorists lost at least 12 armored vehicles in Syria, which, taking into account the current situation at the front, suggests that the Syrian army could deprive terrorists of the advantage in supplying arms from Turkey.

“Erdogan suffers major losses, and that is why he puts ultimatums to both Damascus and Moscow. Nevertheless, Syria, like Russia, continues to destroy militants and Turkish equipment, forcing the latter to retreat from the front line. ", - the expert marks.

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