Syrian fighters tried to shoot down a Russian fighter?

The terrorists tried to bring down a Russian combat aircraft.

According to the arguments of experts on social networks, the destruction of the Syrian fighter-bomber Su-22 was not included in the plans of the militants, since the terrorists were more interested in destroying the combat aircraft of the Russian air forces. This is confirmed primarily by the fact that it is the Russian aerospace forces that actively support the Syrian military offensive in the northern part of Hama and the southern part of Idlib.

According to analysts, if there was a Russian combat aircraft in place of the Syrian Su-22, this could make serious adjustments to the actions of the Russian Air Force, which would allow militants to counterattack settlements already under the control of the SAA.

Earlier it became known that terrorists could receive information about the flight of a downed aircraft by radio interception, in particular, it was reported about the possible use of the Turkish electronic intelligence station.

At the moment, nothing is known about the fate of the crew of the Su-22 fighter-bomber shot down over Hama, but information that one of the pilots was captured by the militants was completely refuted by the video that appeared.

I trudge straight when I read the comments of such experts like you !!!)))))

There were two Su-27's. One came up, drove away and went down. The second took the F-18 on the sights to eliminate in case of aggression.
The first went left down so that the wreckage of the F-18 flew past, and tracked the place of the fall.

Strange, what did you beat? 27 drove off and took the train at the height of the escorted side, 18 went sideways and up. You just had to do it right away

It can be seen that the NATO pilot outplayed the Russian one. The Russian went far left and down, and lost the position.