Downed helicopter


Syrian militants shot down the Mi-8 helicopter

A helicopter Mi-8 was shot down over Syria.

According to the source, as confirmed by the photos, today afternoon in the Syrian province of Khama, a Mi-8 helicopter was shot down. This is a rotary wing combat vehicle belonging to the Air Force of Syria, which, according to preliminary data, monitored the positions of militants and armed opposition in the province of Idlib, but was fired from automatic weapons.

As can be seen in the presented photo, the Mi-8 helicopter of the Syrian Air Force received serious damage, while information about the dead and injured has not been commented yet, although the source reports that there were 5 people on board.

It is known that at the time of the shelling the helicopter of the Syrian Air Force was in the airspace of the Syrian province of Idlib, but the crew managed not only to deploy the aircraft, but also to take it outside the zone controlled by the militants.

It is reported that the helicopter did not conduct any military operations, but only carried out a monitoring mission, and therefore it is possible that in retaliation for a downed aircraft, the positions of militants will be dealt massive artillery and air strikes.