Syrian fighters take out in unknown direction Belarusian MAZ

Combat aircraft from the Syrian airbase are exported in an unknown direction.

This afternoon was published a video on which you can see. how the Syrian warplanes are taken from the Tabka military airbase in an unknown direction. All airplanes are placed on trucks "MAZ", while the total amount exported from the air base technology remains unknown.

Initially, it was reported that Syrian fighters could be transported to one of the military airfields, from where the aircraft could later be transported to Russia for repairs, but the current state of this technology caused a lot of questions about its maintainability. On the other hand, the transportation of almost completely destroyed Syrian military aircraft to the territory of neighboring Iraq also causes a lot of disputes.

Analysts, in turn, did not rule out that the United States of America might be interested in transporting Syrian fighter jets, intending to gain access to on-board systems in order to extract possible information that allows them to bypass Syrian air defense weapons.

It should be clarified that by the current hour there have been no official comments from the Ministry of Defense of Syria on this issue.

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