Syrian forces attacked the largest US military base in Syria

The largest US base in Syria was attacked.

A few hours ago, the Syrian army attempted to infiltrate the largest US military base in eastern Syria, Al-Tanf, and fired on the positions of the US military and pro-American forces controlled by them. The source reports the use of only small arms, and therefore the situation was not qualified as a severe collision.

“The forces of the Syrian army and pro-Syrian forces entered the 55-kilometer de-escalation zone and attacked the Army of the Revolutionary Command (US-controlled Syrian forces - approx. Ed.). The forces of the Revolutionary Command Army returned fire and drove the attackers out of the territory of the de-escalation zone, killing several of them. ”- reports "Twitter" account of the Army of the revolutionary command.

There are no official comments on this either from the official Damascus or from the US command, on the background of which many questions arose as to whether the Syrian forces actually attacked the area of ​​the largest US military base in Syria.

At the same time, a number of other sources confirm the current attack, noting that the Army of the Revolutionary Command also has losses in manpower and equipment, which may indicate the willingness of the SAA to begin to storm this area of ​​Syria.

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