Syrian media say why Israeli planes were not attacked

The reasons for the inaction of Russian and Syrian air defense during an attack on T4 airbase are revealed.

A day ago, Israel carried out another, carefully planned attack on the Syrian military base Tiyas, located in the Syrian province of Homs. At the same time, neither Syrian nor Russian air defense systems opened fire on Israeli drones, which was primarily due to the fact that, according to the Syrian news publication North Press, the attack was carried out with the agreement of Israel with Russia and Syria.

“A well-informed source told North Press that some“ accurate ”intelligence information that Israel receives about Iran’s actions in Syria comes from sources working in the Russian army, while other sources are leaks from the Syrian army and from pro-Iranian militias ", - сообщает "North Press".

How objective such data are is unknown, while the Russian side still does not comment on the attack on the T4 airbase, where, according to sources, Russian and Syrian military aircraft and helicopters are also located.

On the other hand, experts note that Iran is the most important Russian ally in the region, and therefore, it is unlikely that Moscow and Damascus decided to surrender the Iranian military to Israel for striking.

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Complete nonsense.

Bullshit, ours sit at the base and give the Jews an info that they strike at. The author himself did not understand what he wrote.

bullshit, Jewish planes do not fly into the affected area, they launch cruise missiles


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