Syrian terrorists claimed the destruction of Russian armored car, but there is a nuance

Militants of the Syrian terrorist group "showed" how the Russian armored car was destroyed.

A few days ago, news came from the Syrian province of Daraa that a column of Russian military had been attacked. Before the head machine of the column there was a powerful explosion.

“There are no casualties among the Russian military and military equipment. According to preliminary data, the act of sabotage and terrorism was perpetrated by militants of illegal terrorist groups that are acting separately in southern Syria in order to aggravate the situation in this region. ”, - declared in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Nevertheless, members of the terrorist group published photographs that allegedly captured the destroyed Russian armored vehicle “Lynx”.

Despite the seemingly irrefutable evidence, it became known that in fact, the photographs were taken a few years ago, and they showed the “Lynx” armored car, but with the only exception that the incident occurred in the province of Homs.

“Terrorists are trying to maintain their authority by publishing cadres of allegedly destroyed Russian equipment, video of the destruction of the Russian military base“ Hmeimim ”and other fake information. Obviously, this indicates that the militants are losing confidence both in the ranks of ordinary citizens and in the ranks of their members. ”, - said the analyst