Capture of Serakib


Syrian troops lose control of strategically important Syrian city after negotiations between Turkey and Russia

The Syrian army has lost control of the strategically important Syrian city of Serakib.

A few hours ago it became known that the Syrian troops, despite the active support from the Russian military aviation, still could not control the key and strategically important city of Serakib, located in the east of Idlib province.

“Moderate militants who entered the outer quarters of the city completely captured the district center after violent clashes that continued until the morning. The area of ​​the city of Serakib is located at a strategic point where the land roads M4 and M5 connect the most important cities of the country. The M4 highway connects Latakia with Aleppo and Hama, and the M5 highway connects Aleppo and Damascus. Meanwhile, in the south of Idlib, under the M4 road, the army of the Bashar al-Assad regime and groups under the command of the Iranian revolutionary guard captured about 20 villages and towns, thanks to the support of Russian fighters ”- сообщает Turkish news publication Anadolu.

Despite the attempt of Russian military sources to refute the data on the surrender to the militants of the city of Serakib, a video appeared on which you can see that the militants really completely control the territory of the city.

Sources in the Syrian army, in turn, note that as a result of the onset of terrorists, the losses of the latter reach 200-250 people, but due to support from the Turkish army, the SAA had to leave the city, taking up defense to the east.

It is noteworthy that the attack on Serakib began during negotiations between the Russian and Turkish sides.

We do not need Syria. We have enough business in Russia, we cannot deal with them. This war is the desire of one man.

Yes, surrendered, surrendered

Some claim that Sarakib passed. Others - all attacks are repelled. Who is right?

This video is a few months old. Neither Damascus nor the CPVS confirm the surrender of Seracib.


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