Fighter F-35B


Syria will bomb American F-35B

The US Air Force is preparing to use the F-35B fighter in Syria.

F-35B US-based fighter planes are supposed to be deployed to attack Syria, and this can happen both directly during a large-scale US attack on Syrian government forces and by attacking ISIS militants (a terrorist group that is banned from Russia - ed.), Holding a part of the territory in the east of the Arab Republic.

According to military experts, the main reason why the United States wants to use its fifth-generation F-35B fighters for air strikes is to test their capabilities, coupled with an attempt to demonstrate these highly efficient aircraft, which can significantly increase their demand for them.

"We are looking forward to the opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of our newest advanced" stealth "airplanes", follows from the statement made.

On the other hand, taking into account Russia's statement about its readiness to resist any American aggression in Syria, the air defense systems C-300 and C-400 capable of hitting "stealth" targets at impressive distances

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