Syrian Kurds: "We will fight with the Americans and confront them everywhere"

Syrian Kurds sided with Assad and Russia.

After serious clashes between the Syrian Kurds and the US military in the northeastern part of Syria, local residents came out with firm intentions to confront the United States together with the Syrian forces and Russia. This deprives Washington of a very important ally in Syria, while the Kurds themselves have stated that they are ready to fight the United States anytime, anywhere.

“Osman Abu Asher, a former municipality official, describes the events:“ Four American cars drove into our village and began to provoke residents, so the residents of Khirbet-Amo village began to stone them, children and women joined them, as you probably saw from TV. The deceased Faisal Khaled Muhammad also began to stone them, and one American soldier shot him. ” The uncle of 22-year-old Faisal Khalid Muhammad, who was killed in clashes with American troops in the village of Khirbet-Amo on Wednesday, says: “We will fight with the Americans and confront them wherever they exist in Syria, even if this leads to casualties. We reject American occupation where it exists in Syria. We in the village of Khirbet-Amo absolutely reject the presence of any occupier in Syria, ”said the cousin of Muhammad.”- приводит information publication Al Masdar News.

Experts note that due to the actions of the United States, the Kurds can become a very serious problem for the US military.

“Diversions, shelling, blocking the movement of equipment - all this will become the immediate prospect for the United States, and of course, in this case, the American troops can begin to suffer losses, but they can’t do anything”, - the expert notes.

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