Sivkov called hypersonic rockets "Zircon" utter nonsense

Military expert, doctor of military sciences Konstantin Sivkov called the strike hypersonic "Zircons" in the US "utter nonsense."

Despite earlier evidence that Russian hypersonic zircon rockets, whose characteristics were revealed by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, can be used for attacking the territory of the United States of America. Konstantin Sivkov, in an interview with Vzglyad, called this information “utterly stupid,” noting that the rockets were not suitable for strikes against “decision-making centers,” and they would not justify their goal.

“There is a powerful monitoring system of the surface and underwater situation. <...> With all its speed advantages, it carries the usual warhead. And for the destruction of command centers, especially those that are underground, with powerful protection, you need a large expenditure of weapons ", - said Konstantin Sivkov.

Experts, in turn, do not agree with the arguments of Sivkov, paying attention to the fact that even with a conventional warhead, these missiles will have enormous energy, which will allow to cause significant damage even to well-protected strategic facilities.

Sivkov "chief military expert". It's not time to frighten the United States, but to hammer. By the way, their large GDP can be reduced by military means to a level below ours.

What are you talking about, ignorant !!!
Remember the story, if you do not know, read in NATURA.
And then speak!

Golden words

I would look at your pants when you are aimed at. (if you have time to notice.)

what are the charges? what mahi? dream ... you will be taken "trezherisami" and t n ... a couple of years - Dolar for 200 and you in 90x - with all the consequences ... America will always be! buy dollars idiots ... ps - and who doesn’t know what to do with Hamburg and Cologne ... and dlf it wasn’t stopping Ivanovich your ... your zircon will be 1000 simple b-52 with half-plots ... and for tomorrow 1000 is still ... and at night 500 is from the queen ... and so far there is no place and no one will collect zircons ... and no matter how much you knock down ... the Saxons are not retreating from their strategic goals ... never

when to give up? rope with their soap to carry or will issue?

What can be answered maydanuty ??? Not your own language, not faith, not honor, not dignity, they always served somebody to you and now all the toilets, trash cans in Russia and Europe lick the tongues !!! In a word "slaves"!

Well, you're obviously a shareholder of all enterprises of Ukraine!

such experts gathered amazed. everybody knows everything is able. What are you "scientists" so clever know about this weapon. tongue is your hobby, there is not enough mind, what are you interested in doing. perhaps you, too, are liberasti-talkers like Amnuel, Nikita Isaev. You are disgusting!

Sivy well and face you have not a single sign mental exercises, would have dumped from the Internet

Why there were no tests they took place back in 1980, it can be seen now that they were only brought up to standard. And then the results pleased, but the designer wanted more. So the Surprise for the US and the EU will be cool.

We at least have our own. But you are already half the world roasting in all poses))) Starting from PARASHENKO! He strives to take everything from Trump on the cheek, but Uncle Donald found his wick not in the garbage dump

Do not you dill?) Too monotonous your thoughts and statements, like a carbon paper ... learn to think with your head

If Russia is so weak and inept, then what is your drunk president will not begin military operations against Russia. You have so much written off American technology. Are you afraid? That's right, maydanuty.

Mikhas, you, apparently, from jumping on Independence, the brain completely stopped working.

Here you are dear wrong. Yes, they are hyper sound, but the speed in 5-7 sweeps is achieved in a discharged atmosphere, i.e. In the near space, and in dense layers of the atmosphere, such a speed will not develop, and the engine power will not be enough, therefore, when starting and climbing, it will be more likely to be four and on the approach as well as four and yes, the control of the object at such speeds will be very limited

Sivkov do better than a UFO, or go to Trump to tell the fables "Krylov".

- And what's the fuel for her, what fly?
Yadrenova engine is not visible.
- On a felon, probably.
- Damn, as if the stove did not take off.
-Nothing, let it soar
We are on the enemy and stove vdarim.

The weapon on the fool is not necessary. You lie to him with three boxes - and do what you want with him! So with the Russian quilted jackets: they sang that everyone dreams to win them, and they are ready to climb the embrasure! For Abramovich’s yacht and Shuvalov’s palace. How many shares of Norilsk-Nickel belong to each vatsephalus? And the bowels and so sell for green candy wrappers! Naher conquer you? Their boyars otymeyut much better! And you will win - you will need to build roads. Who needs it?

Who is Sivkov, this is not one of the many advisers and appraisers who helped prosrat the USSR in the NUMX years?

Apparently Sivkov "forgot" what are the modern "vigorous" charges in mass and dimensions, apparently he forgot how penetrating shells are projectiles flying at a speed exceeding three sounds, I'm not talking about 5-7 sounds. Chatterbox ordinary this doctor.

Nidzha, why is the new generation of idiots most of all turned out to be Square

Vova Rasputin, you are idealit or worse ..? Hopefully, amers will allow you / us / Russia to “bloom”? We already have experience of the democracy of Yeltsinoid, we have “bloomed” already ...!

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No one knows this Sivkov, a dummy

With Pindos ?! Yes, they have already lost before starting.

probably, decision-making centers are already dispersed, right?

Without supkr missiles, as you put it, there will be neither our medicine nor industry, and we will not ...

Absolutely, a rocket for every bribe under the stars .. and the benefits will be greater.

Dfcz what a Russian person you are, the thinking of General Vlasov is not peculiar to a Russian person. And the aggression does not come from Russia (Putin) for sure. Remember the expansion of NATO, the massive burning of the Russian people hated by you in Europe (Ukraine), the bombing of Yugoslavia, Libya, Syria, the constant interference in the internal affairs of states, the constant support for decades of terrorist groups in different states (for example, Afghanistan, according to Syria, I think you don’t need any proof. The United States actively uses forbidden weapons (Yugoslavia, Iraq, in Syria, sometimes fakes are sometimes poisoned; discredit Assad). Remember tube Colin Powell is the greatest crime against humanity, and what does Putin. Some accuse Putin's war with Georgia, duck you read the OSCE report on the subject, the OSCE is such an anti-Russian organization.

Gogh! They have intelligence. And they are not fools, they see what we are armed with. I answer you, we are well armed. And do not dream, you will never win a war with Pindos.

Yes, you're right, Gogh Royssiyu has long been merged, only a tent on a duroscope shows, about gop patriotism and great power)) there are no weapons and there will not be any more, and why not.

Listen Gogh, if everything has been cut off to you here, so get out of here. There is no need to click it. What did you do to keep the noodles hanging? Besides Lyalya-poplar. I don’t mind that everyone has their own opinion. But why ... obs the country?


Well there is no way. then why are you so excited? what do you spawn?

No one will be bombed. The children of these freaks live in the West. This is the milking of us, for the cattle they tell tales ... Naga Army in full ass, as well as education and medicine. But people need to eat noodles about the fact that we have missile support, etc.

Brad of a Sivkov mare ...
(By type: You see a gopher. No ... and he is ...).

On horseradish to spend on them some kind of Zircon-type missiles, a couple of construction workers with shovels prikopayut all entrances and exits and Khan Pindosov top all

How are you tired already with their "cartoons"! Fans of animation, or what? Everywhere you "cartoons" see things. Want to experience? Do you have another Ukraine, and then suddenly the "cartoons" will still not be cartoons? That's the same, so change the record.

I do not like pridurkov and people like you tear up your ass

1) firstly in the assortment, among the new products we have heavy long-range missiles, almost ten (8) warheads per piece. Each at its address. 2) you can hit both planes and from the ocean 3) against the Poseidons, even in principle there is no antidote yet. It is possible to organize a tsunami too at different points around the USA and any of them will cause damage, which is a couple of orders of magnitude higher than what they can do in this way. 4) Why does Sivkov think that he must get CAM? To hit on "decision-making centers" is meant and simply cause damage to the COUNTRY that is relevant to decision-making. It is in the case of the United States that there is no need to be sensitive to these issues. They NEVER feel sorry for the civilian population and do not try to minimize their losses.

My dear compatriots! Sivkov expressed something about missiles there, perhaps even almost true. I don’t know, really why. I hope I just spoke as an expert. But Putin spoke about them as a politician and pursued political goals, namely: to do one more small action to prevent a war by demonstrating that we have serious weapons and fighting with us will be expensive. It is his responsibility to play with the cards that are. Only very short-handed will deny that there is a struggle for resources and control (influence) above m irom.We are losing so far. But many comments, some kind of gloating and dislike of their own Motherland and state, its rulers, read in the sense and tonality. For this is an irrational desire to throw all your native poison over the whole world and spit affection on someone else's. Putin is very far from ideal, but against the background of what we have had over the past decades ... Choose another, you still have such an opportunity. But everything goes to the fact that there will be no one to choose. there will be nas.I only spitting in the direction of the homeland and the power is not Gia do something horoshee.Zato own vanity entertain well.

McKenna, why are you so illiterate?

Who does not feed his army, feed someone else. At the expense of the president, maybe the upper Gorbachev with Yeltsin or the Democrats will write that before the elections they will travel to the United States for advice. At work, the owner throws or we choose Putin as an election businessman who’s shouting Putin is to blame.

More. More cartoons and fun pictures.
Drown the mind in a sea of ​​images

Dfsz, you are absolutely right, absolutely!
Although, like Sholokhov’s in “They Fought for the Motherland,” “I have reached such a heat ... Spit on me, boiling.
It’s more rebellious to listen to all pseudo-patriotic nonsense and I want to fight already. To decorate all this Putin's crazy gang and heal quietly and at ease. Looking and flourishing Russia Pushkin, Tolstoy, Tchaikovsky, Gerasimov, Rybnikova, Kustodiev.

We undertake to comment on serious things, and literacy is below zero. Learn how to write competently at first, and then there is such an impression that you are delirious.

Sivkov is absolutely right. You can only add that genuine hypersonic 10 to 20 M can overcome a small distance according to the laws of physics and should be delivered at a distance of almost a direct shot.
According to the laws of physics, for such speeds, the greater the distance, the less accurate the impact, even without taking into account random interference.
And about the war I must say that rabid propaganda is doing its job, but not all Russians want to fight. But they want to fight, but the trouble is, some want to fight for the Putin regime, while others are against it, I mean the citizens of the Russian Federation.
All of this Putin-Khera is so fed up that he wants war. Pull them off and complete this psychosis.
Russia needs a free, sensible, liberated life.

Where is my comment ONF about the hands of the president and the government

It is to pour out of the empty, do not respect others do not understand yourself, so it’s the dailyness, as on the screen, in the newspaper, to lie and to put yourself in a clever way before everyone, so. It’s necessary that the ONF was created by the government exactly by the president, so these show off business workers to change, competent people, how to create a website for sick people to send abroad, so only complaints of citizens should be collected and a court should be filed at any level of the situation in another region by the public and television to attract and judge and follow, volunteers to leave. To then demand and cancel dual citizenship, relatives from abroad or to Russia or to remove from office. So all useful, mineral, slave and property, aviation, space, nuclear power plants, which go and who is in charge of determining salary social pensions are the needs of the population, and not some palitik, each palitik of imposing their ideas, but you have to think, so thought the turkey and got into soup.

I agree. The king was caught stealing, he would sell the rush to the Chinese (they already gave him the minuses) and merge them to the Pindos. But the putinoids will go to Chinese factories for stealing, and they will forget about the great power.

"Experts", "experts" ... They made a "market" in the open air! First, sort things out among themselves, and then make statements! There is nothing for people to powder their brains!

Bandera word did not need to rage in impotent rage. You bitches with the West deliberately provoke Russia, then whine.

This is not the people who want war, this fucking propagandons kindle hatred. Look at the star channel — they would have started the war tomorrow, I’m a Russian and no pendos and others wouldn’t want to see the machine gun in sight ... All these Sheyntsevs and other warriors the shot with "will be overseas, and the common people will scoop shit spoons

Well yes. Parasha of tanks, his army, created from a bulldozer and a garbage can, any hyper missile will fill up when she will fly to the Pindos over the Usraina expanses. Therefore, nothing threatens the geldings and they sleep peacefully until Parasha sleeps on the front lines of the defense of democracy.

So frankly, the Russian people show that they really want war. That song “Do Russians Want War?” As always was deceitful. They want and really want. Russian propaganda works in such a tension, As if the people were already waiting too much. already unbearable: Let's war, we will turn Pindos into radioactive dust. Idiots don't have a mind. There is cattle and cattle. So before 22 in June, 1941 in the USSR sang songs and marched, and when the war began, many sang and cried, it was a lot of fun. Since then, new generations of idiots who want to repeat have been raised.

Apparently you poorly taught physics. Calculate how the energy is released when you strike with the explosion of this rocket on the ground. We have all the doctors of science in the Duma and the result .....

In all we need truth, not ponty. Sivkov rights more than.

I am against all kinds of threats and against Putin’s policies. First you need to change the power, raise the economy, pull Russia out of poverty. But such as this Sivkov must immediately shoot.

And Sivkov seems to be a specialist in any type of weapon. That there are whole scientific research institutes, thousands of people who are working on the development of new weapons. The main specialist is Sivkov. And everything else is erunda

Do not worry so much for Rashka and the lack of a hypersonic weapon in her! .. Nerve cells are not restored. And you, after all, still to be treated and treated !!. Medics are already looking. So soon you will return to your homely, native mental hospital. There, all of their "associates" and enlighten on the state of the Armed Forces in Rashka - then your audience is. There you are, you’ll surely have applause! ..

What are you before the crest crucify? And how do you know about the United States, about China, lick off other people's work and rivet fakes, a lot of crazy

Happy holiday! Please explain the following to me: in the 2018, Putin says: "... at present, the Defense Ministry, together with the rocket and space enterprises, has begun an active phase of testing a new missile complex with a heavy intercontinental rocket. We called it Sarmat." In 2019, Putin’s says: "The Sarmat" intercontinental rocket carries out a series of tests of a heavy, unprecedented power of intercontinental rocket. But politicians declare shivering America, see what kind of weapon we have! How can you boast that it has not been created, tested, not put on combat duty. Putin's words are misinterpreted, because he speaks of trials and nothing more.

and for what purpose is Sivkov engaged in exposure? what is his interest?

And how do you know everything? So literate that disgusting.

A narrow profile expert, a military man, only questions regarding his profile need to be dealt with. These or other characteristics are too unambiguous. There is no metaphorical and other translations of meaning. Putin could not say straight. But for non-experts, especially not for the military, everything is clear who should not assume that he will stand aside, across the ocean.

If he speaks about this, then apparently the access to the TTX was closed to him, so he was offended, he decided to slip the pig.

"we have everything" .... this is a joke about a goldfish - when my grandfather told a caught goldfish, "I want everything to be there," "you had everything," the fish answered and swam away

If Konstantin Sivkov exists, then with his comments he himself has long since compromised himself.

But not every citizen is a representative of this nation. And you?

Sivkov himself a fool. Said as farted in a puddle

Why is this "... do not touch the decision-making centers"? Do you have any personal interest, Sema?
It is necessary! and how?

Are you sure that he is such a specialist in this field?

Well, let's say Sivkov indicated only the blatant delirium of striking Zircons, since there are other missiles for these tasks.

What a nasty title. Pretentious and misleading readers. And immediately it is fashionable to assume the attitude of a journalist towards Russia ... Hey, journalist! So Zircon - stupidity or blow Zircons on ground objects in the depths of the mainland - stupidity ??

I was always amazed by the awareness of individuals in the internal structure and equipment of countries ... before the conclusion was formed by the commission of observers, today you can write any nonsense from the couch without bearing any responsibility for what was said ... Thoughts become reality, tenology develops and in my opinion it is important to correctly shape the demand for technology ... Health to you and your loved ones ... God forbid that there was no war and your loved ones were healthy and were near you ...

Do you know what empirical data is? )
This is the data obtained as a result of tests (experiments). ) So you said "water water". )

Look around you, not just on the Internet ...

Every nation deserves its rulers ...

Oh, these humanists ... Well, why such difficulties, do not touch the decision-making centers. Turning the United States into a radioactive desert is not difficult - many, many missiles are more or less evenly distributed throughout the territory. And that's all. As said sunflower, we quickly die, and let them marinate for a long time in paradise. Believe me, death from radiation sickness is not ice, but waiting for it is even worse.

We have everything. You are beggars all over the world with an outstretched hand. Selling for cookies. Shame Shame. I live where these gifts are made for too hot heads who imagined themselves to be masters of the earth. Dulu you. Your fate to be slaves.

It is necessary to conduct tests, then everything will be clear, and all the arguments based on empirical data are close to the woman’s gossip

I think this is our misguided Cossack boy; his task is to put down the vigilance of the Yankees, and when we have to rotate so that it does not seem enough

I think you are on the 99% right.

Konstantin Sivkov is an expert in the field of armaments, he has access to the weapon performance characteristics, test results and applications, my opinion as he says is indeed

Only head amputation will help you.

there was such a poem: Kra Kra Kra Geese down and feather.
And the roosters will go blind and go deaf.
And although the hen will breed chickens -
These chickens will take rest. ETC.

f-35 in general, the development of yak 141 years 40 at least America in general is unable to come up with all that they have taken out with the USSR technology

Come up in the morning to the factory entrance, in the same Reutov, and see who really makes cruise missiles. Funny pictures on computers are sculpted in other places, by the way getting a much higher salary and not bothering to get up in 6 hours

And here "dill", he is our Russian rocket specialist! Very clever and educated uncle in this area .. Just expressed his opinion .. I think that Paseidon is enough for the destruction of that country ..

in impotent rage. stupid Ukrainians. Well, nothing to get to you

Dear pspamiha, how do you have so much hatred for Rush? What exactly is she, (Rush) offended? Where did you get the information that everyone in Russia is zombie and sheep and believe that they are being broadcast in a box? Russia cannot be compared either to the United States or to China, but I dare to assure you that the people are absolutely not guilty and do not speak so contemptuously of it. Are you a citizen of Russia at all? If you consider yourself an analyst and follow the developments in Russia, then you understand what led the country to its present state and the people of Russia are not the main reason for the collapse of everything

Yes, but they can not say or say anything.

Who is right will be known after its combat use.

Silly liberas, starred mattresses well rinsed your brain, but there is no improvement, and your idol will not collapse and he does not have a hyper sound, but this is not a reason to believe that we do not have it. and your idol about it in the course, leave your songs for stupid freaks, in Russia with 90 there are few of these, mostly liverwalkers bought by enemies.

You envy the dill at the very drool flow from impotence realizing that we have this weapon,

And they also wrote about the Krymsky bridge — they would not build it, but I already drove over it and will go again this year (this is the answer to the hohlotrol)

2-3 airplanes were made only until 50-s of the last century, now airplanes from mission to series make 15-20 years, all over the world!

Are you respected either too clever or own all the secrets of secret military developments?

I see you already with a fennel on hard drugs crouched ...

Americans! Do not believe Russian zomboyaschiku! call svidomye.

Divan analyst huyev, Russia is not like your ukrozhopii of course you know better there, that, how about .....

Troll is lousy!

I now think everything, where these all liberasts of the media, take such grief experts?, in other ways as you stupid liberasts don't even know what else to write nonsense)))), HEY BARS are stupid),) WILL BE APPROACH TO URBAN ISLANDS,)))), GOD WHERE DO SUCH IDIOTS)))

I read your nonsense putinoids and I think, are you really so bad and naively believing that Rashi has such technologies. Probably the humanoids arrived and gave Rush their technology becomes ridiculous. Our regime, except how to frighten anything else to the big regret not able. Hyper-sound vani didn’t learn how to make 5 aircraft generation, they couldn’t make it with the 4 engine, because there are no engineers who could make the engine from scratch. But for that they reported that they would have finished it. And the herd blindly believes in this bike. The Su-57 aircraft is already outdated comrades-to-be-unfriendly, just as 30 began to make it over the years ago, back in the USSR. You yourself have done what you putinoids for the last 30 years. And I will say nothing you didn’t do, you just learned how to ride the herd well, and since the herd missed the supposed great power this power is well warmed up by the guys in the Kremlin exaggerating around the clock tales of a zombie box about ostensibly Rashin’s weapons, which supposedly have no analogues in the world. I had to say that Rashi had no analogues in the galaxy, and the putinoids with saliva at the mouth would have rushed to defend this crazy idea. Wake up zazombirovannyh putinoidy no hypersonic rockets or Rashi, nor the states. How much can you live pseudo-Kremlin Kremlin zombie box. It is a shame for you to her god.


Best in the world of aviation