Sarmat rocket launch


Sivkov called the Russian "super-weapon" vulnerable to a US nuclear strike

Doctor of Military Sciences stated the vulnerability of the Russian "Sarmatov".

Konstantin Sivkov, deputy president of the Russian Academy of Rocket and Artillery Sciences for Information Policy, Doctor of Military Sciences, expressed doubt that the Russian Sarmat heavy missiles could withstand a nuclear attack from the United States, and therefore the effectiveness of the Russian “super-weapon” is under big question.

According to Konstantin Sivkov, the key problem is the fact that the Sarmat complexes are stationary (mine) -based complexes, their location cannot be changed, which makes them very vulnerable to any nuclear strikes, including preventive ones. In fact, Sivkov proposes to strengthen the Sarmatov home areas with anti-aircraft and missile defense systems and electronic warfare complexes.

It should be clarified that the Sarmat heavy missile can be put into service as early as 2019-2020. This will allow Russia to significantly increase its military potential, since in fact, we are talking about a rocket capable of hitting targets at distances up to 16 thousand kilometers, while its payload is measured in tens of tons.

Sivkov, as always, carries nonsense. Professors sour soup.

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