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The scandal with "Aeroflot": the child was not allowed on board the aircraft, offering to buy 9 extra seats

Russia's largest carrier has disappeared into a scandalous situation.

According to, at the Minsk International Airport, the manager of Aeroflot refused to allow a woman with an 11-year-old child to board the plane, explaining that she would be uncomfortable and offered to buy 9 more seats in the cabin, and after refusal, the woman with the child was not allowed on board at all.

It is known that the father of a 11-year-old girl who underwent knee surgery ordered a free-of-charge service from the Russian air carrier Aeroflot to be delivered to a place in the cabin on a wheelchair. However, when boarding a flight, the father of the family was allowed into the aircraft cabin without any problems, but the chief manager of the Aeroflot airline’s representative office in Minsk refused to let the woman and child aboard the aircraft, explaining that "The girl will be uncomfortable", and suggested, as an alternative, to additionally buy 9 seats in the cabin.

Due to the fact that the redemption of ten seats on board a passenger airliner would entail significant financial costs, and would in no way affect the comfort of the flight, the family refused such a service, and therefore the air carrier not only refused to let the woman with 11 summer as a child on board the aircraft, but also refused to reissue tickets for another date, in connection with which, the family from Kerch was forced to remain in the neighboring state without funds and air tickets.

“Aeroflot refused to postpone the date of departure, as they had been working with us for two hours and called the doctor in charge, who said that there were no contraindications for the flight on the plane. Then they found out with a call center, and when they finally banned us from flying, they said that we would not have time to transfer the flight, since only 5 minutes were left for such a procedure, and this time would not be enough for registration of papers. ”- says the father of the family.

There were no official comments from Aeroflot on this score, however, the administration of the President of the Republic of Belarus was already interested in the incident, which, according to experts, could lead to the largest scandal and even lead to the fact that Aeroflot will restrict flights to Belarus if the company does not can explain his position.

It seems that the parents emotionally told, but the editors did not really understand.

If everything is described accurately, the completely strange position of the representative of Aeroflot is not clear. Only the shame of the proud name of the Soviet "Aeroflot".


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