Slovakia refused to write off Soviet C-300, and wants to strengthen them

Slovakia needs new air defense systems to its existing C-300

The military departments of Slovakia have published information that the country's defense ministry plans to acquire seventeen air defense radar systems determining the location of the target in three coordinates. The total cost of such systems is 155 million euros.

The suppliers may be various countries, including the United States. The country's defense ministry also considered proposals from Hungary, Israel, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands ... A total of ten states.

A project team consisting of specialists from the Ministry of Defense, the General Staff and the Slovak Air Force evaluated the proposals. Technical and operational characteristics, price, delivery schedules, compatibility with NATO air defense, personnel training, logistics, the role of the defense industry in modernization were taken into account. As it turned out, France, Israel and the United States offered the most favorable conditions.

Of course, the proposals received from the United States of America are recognized as the most interesting for the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic.

The next stage of the MO procedure of the country will be bilateral negotiations. They will be conducted with representatives of the country who are on the shortlist. It will be a question of three-coordinate air defense systems with medium, short and very short range. The decision deadline is 30 June 2019.

These radar systems provide the ability to simultaneously determine the range at which the target is located, its azimuth and flight altitude. Previously, systems of two radars were used for this.

Slovakia is one of the few NATO countries that operate C-300 air defense systems. This technique went to the country following a split in Czechoslovakia into the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The fact that Slovakia has C-300, makes Ankara indignant. Ankers are confident that the US is biased towards Turkey, which has decided to acquire Russian C-400.

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