Mortality in Russia among those infected with coronavirus has increased by 300%

Mortality in Russia among those infected with coronavirus per day increased by 300%.

According to officials, two more people infected with coronavirus infection COVID-19 died the day before in Russia. We are talking about patients 73 and 88 years old, respectively, while the data is confirmed by representatives of the Operational Headquarters, and currently the total number of people infected with coronavirus infection and subsequently died is 3 people.

“In Moscow, two elderly patients who previously had a diagnosis of coronavirus infection died. As reported in the operational headquarters for monitoring and monitoring the situation with coronavirus in Moscow, pneumonia was confirmed in patients 88 and 73 years old. They also had pronounced concomitant pathologies. The operational headquarters recalls the need for strict observance of the regime of self-isolation for residents of the capital over 65 and those who have chronic diseases, as well as those who have had a heart attack or stroke. They must be constantly located at the place of residence or in other premises, for example, in country houses ”- сообщает The official website of the Mayor of Moscow.

Despite the beginning of an increase in mortality among COVID-19 infected with the coronavirus in the Russian Federation, this indicator is one of the lowest in the world, amounting to about 0,46% of the number of infected. The highest mortality rate is observed today in Italy - 10,08%.

Statistics is not arithmetic. 300% is the growth among the identified ... When attributed to the number of inhabitants of the country, then the growth will be excessively small in the absolute value of the percentage, i.e. within the error of the technology of combating CoVi19.


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