Media: The American aircraft carrier was ambushed by the Russian military

The media reported that the U.S. Navy aircraft carriers were ambushed by the Russian fleet.

According to The National Interest, the Russian Navy has prepared an ambush for US aircraft carriers and aircraft carrier strike groups. The ambush is arranged not only with the use of corvettes of the Russian Navy, but also with the use of coastal missile systems, the radars of which are turned off, which does not allow detecting the latter using regular means.

“The idea is that Onyx batteries with the radars turned off can imperceptibly move to a new firing position and launch a sudden missile attack, focusing on the data received from the corvettes”, - reports the military information publication The National Interest.

Given the range of Russian coastal missile systems, such an idea could well be realized, moreover, not only in Russia, but also with the supply of such weapons to other countries, as a result of which the capabilities of the American fleet will be very seriously limited.

“The American Navy really has something to fear. Nevertheless, in addition to warships, high-altitude unmanned aerial vehicles, reconnaissance aircraft, etc. may also be involved. All that is necessary for Russian DBK is the coordinates of the target ”, - the expert notes.

"The American aircraft carrier was ambushed by the Russian military" - I add the "Russian" aircraft carrier "Kuzya was ambushed by the Russian military" - as a result, he drowned 3 of his planes without knocking down a single enemy light, drowned the largest floating ship of the Swedish construction (Russia he doesn’t know how to create such), he still drowned a powerful crane and pierced the deck itself! Since the times of the Crimean War (shamefully lost), the Russian OFFICER only does what he drowns his ships = military units. So keep it up! Whistle everyone up to drown the next ship of the project ......

The site’s administrators were afraid to publish my comment yesterday about how the “Russian aircraft carrier Kuzya was ambushed by the Russian military” !? But in it there is no mate, no racial discrimination = you’re just very shy, very cowardly VERY, or maybe you are ashamed? Well, this is hardly likely, you are not ashamed of anything, not even your superTARNESS ...

The fact that the losses were a fact, but about a digital figure of 300 people, can documentary evidence be provided? Are you aware that there was an answer to Amer for the February Day Ez Zor? Heaps of corpses. And the silence on their part, as in the case of the Global Hawk, which crashed in the United States)))))

The fact that an aircraft carrier near the coast of a serious enemy is just a target was known in the last century.
Nothing has changed fundamentally - aircraft carriers are not intended to storm the coast (if this is not the coast of a third world country, and in the same Iraq war, aircraft carriers did ten percent of the work, the rest - from the Allied land bases). Their task is to protect communications, so that some sort of cruiser does not deprive the entire group of supplies.

It must be understood that the conversation is only about one side of the interaction of troops in a collision with a possible enemy. Which of course will be protected. But the headlines and some exaggerated arguments of experts on this site should not be taken seriously. Analyze the information and draw conclusions yourself.

This message can only cause a smile. One gets the feeling that one of the most powerful fleets in the world will sit and watch the Russians shell them. They won’t! Ask the “Wagnerites” who also tried to “scare” the Americans and, as a result, literally 300 people were smeared by the same “useless Apaches” in your opinion.

something is all. as in a "fairy tale", do not you think?


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